Welcome to The Easterling Group / Virgin Iconic Inc. This site is a directory of businesses and interests of the Easterling family

(San Diego, London, Paris).

The Easterling family's interests include:

  • Virgin Iconic Inc. involved in product and service marketing, both B2B and B2C. Our forte is a very high degree of creativity and implementation of unified, integrated marketing strategies that position companies and products as number one in their market, and increase company and brand valuation. Virgin Iconic traditionally operates on a consulting basis, serves on boards of directors / advisory boards, and can serve in "acting" roles for companies, from a few months to many years. Several members of the Easterling family participate in the company and its services, and also develop and market their own products.

  • Easterling Group Real Estate Brokerage, a unique family-owned discount brokerage (RealtorĀ®) for Sellers and Buyers with the marketing and promotion expertise of a 'Fortune 100-quality' Marketing & PR Agency. (California licensed; MLS member)


  • La Costa Town Square community portal (online advertising)

  •  Novels/Publishing/Film rights


  • Entertainment (Acting, Modeling, Spokespersons, marketing)

Easterling Family interests 

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