Todd Easterling is a San Diego, California (La Costa / Carlsbad) Best Selling novelist, originally discovered by the acclaimed Pinder Lane Garon-Brooke Literary Agency in New York, of John Grisham fame. Todd's last two novels have appeared consistently on over twenty Best Seller lists, and have been in the top 1% of all USA book sales for over three years. Print editions are available from any bookstore. Ebook versions are sold exclusively through Amazon, and can be read on Kindle, iPad, and other formats. Please visit for more information.


The Miracle Man (best seller)

The First Witness (best seller)

Genetic World (coming soon)

Trojan Horse (1998; n/a)

Publishing details:
Latest novel, "The Miracle Man" has appeared on 8 Best Seller lists, to date. It has also been in the top 1% of all/4 million books since publication. Medical/technology advisers included: Sir Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly, & Dr. Hal Broxmeyer, a pioneer in cord blood transplants & stem cell research. For film rights and other world rights information, please use the contact form.

● "The First Witness" has been on 8 Best Seller lists for over two years, as high as #1 (techno-thrillers, political suspense, conspiracies, genre fiction/political). It has also been in the top 1% of sales of all books/4 million for over two years, each and every month.

● Originally discovered by Pinder Lane Garon-Brooke Literary Agency, of John Grisham Fame.

● Film/motion picture/movie rights and publication/translation rights are still available for many areas/countries and languages.

Easterling Family interests

The Miracle Man novel trailer (click speaker icon to turn on sound.)