Todd Easterling
CEO/owner of Virgin Iconic (Marketing & PR Agency, Technology Ventures)

Todd works closely with management teams in the areas of corporate development, partnerships, product development, marketing, website and collateral creation, SEO, PR, IR, research, and strategy. Todd began his career as a Product Analyst/Product Manager at General Instrument VideoCipher Division in 1987, where he served on the team which invented and marketed the world's first digital television/HDTV system and set the FCC standard for HDTV. Todd subsequently gained experience in vice president roles at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 in the satellite, cable, and wireless sector, and as CEO and co-founder of AirCam Video Technologies. In addition, he has worked with leading Ad/branding Agencies and Deloitte in the areas of executive coaching, organizational psychology, e-commerce/web use, strategy development, turn-around execution, M&A, fundraising, crisis management/PR, and hands-on and affordable tactical marketing with emphasis on helping companies become leaders in creativity, innovation, and profitability. Todd graduated from SDSU and later studied marketing and business strategy (MIT Executive MBA program), and is a published author.

VideoCipher Division

LiFi company (from start-up/spin-off to sale)

(Virgin Iconic named the company and its product, helped solicit funding, built leadership image/brand, created collaterals, managed tradeshows, wrote all press releases, and assisted with the sale of company, as reported here: )


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Inside cover of brochure on a 10 Gbps backhaul radio

Clients have included start-ups, turn-arounds, and Fortune 100 companies. 

(Below: The team which developed the world's first digital TV system, which set the standard for the FCC.)

Virgin Iconic Inc. provides companies with marketing/PR agency services, VC/investor relations assistance, website creation and management, search engine optimization (SEO), and other creative services. Our forte is our high degree of creativity and innovation. We provide turn-key cost-effective marketing services to new companies, existing companies, and turn-arounds, often taking an equity position and/or monthly retainer for periods of a few months to many years. Our goal is to build value and brand, often positioning for acquisition or IPO.


A recent success story involved helping create a LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology company (naming company and products, branding, trademarks, press relations, investor presentations, website, SEO, etc.), and divestiture from LightPointe Communications, Inc. and Teleconnect to Signify (Philips Lighting). The company was sold to Signify (Philips Lighting), a global powerhouse in lighting technologies with a 2.9B market cap. On February 1, 2019, Virgin Iconic also completed a nearly 8-year exclusive agency/client relationship in the wireless backhaul radio market with LightPointe Communications, now enabling Virgin Iconic to work with other wireless bridge and LiFi (Visible Light Communications) manufacturer (s). News: “We want to be the lighting company in IoT so the expertise from Firefly LiFi will help accelerate our developments.  It was a very strategic acquisition,” said Elco van Groningen, Signify Senior Office Press Manager, in Amsterdam. “Signify’s strategy is to focus on lighting products, systems and services and connected LED lighting the aiming to become the leading lighting company in the Internet of Things. The acquisition of Firefly’s technology is in line with this strategy. It will allow us to complement and strengthen our expertise and accelerate our LiFi innovations. Signify has acquired Firefly’s assets related to LiFi, including a small number of its employees. The transaction was completed on December 17, 2018. Financial details were not disclosed.”

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